Amusement (2009)

This is another movie where I really like the concept but the implementation falls a bit flat.

It’s definitely not the cast here. Katheryn Winnick is great in horror movies, and this one is no exception. She can cry on demand like very few other actresses I’ve seen. Believably, too!

I also like that she generally gets to play the smart (well, at least relatively) one in many of her roles. Or at the very least, the one with the best survival instinct. Without spoiling too much, that’s true here as well.

And I don’t know whether this is talent or natural born good looks, but┬áKeir O’Donnell is always so damn creepy. Even when he’s playing the good guy — or at least as good a guy as you can get in a group of murderers. He’s definitely not playing the good guy in this one, though, so his creep factor serves him well.

The pacing on this one is a little slow though, and there’s just enough character and plot development to keep you hooked but not quite enough to leave you satisfied at the end. Overall this is an okay watch that has a few graphic moments but is relatively tame comparatively.

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