Annabelle (2014)★★★☆☆


Okay, I can see why some folks might not have liked this movie. It’s slow, and not all that scary until the very end. Then again, if you already think that doll is creepy, this might be a scarier film.

Dolls like that don’t scare me, though. Maybe I’ve become desensitized by the fifteen antique stores (no joke) down the street from my house. Every one of those stores has a creepy doll room. Maybe it’s just that I’ve always assumed any doll like that was evil, so the element of surprise was never there.

It turns out the “real” Annabelle wasn’t a fancy doll like the one in these movies. She was a Raggedy Ann doll. Had they gone with that, I might have been scared. I grew up sleeping with a Raggedy Ann doll, so it likely would have given me nightmares for years.

Anyway, the pacing isn’t great but the acting is good and the story is okay. Watching the three movies in a row I’ve noticed there are some inconsistencies in the story that don’t really add up but nothing important enough to point out. Overall this movie is just okay, at least for horror fans who aren’t afraid of Victorian dolls.