At the Devil’s Door (2014)

This was another one that wasn’t a bad movie, but wasn’t a good movie either. It started off strong — Ashley Rickards can act, and it definitely had the creepy factor going for it (Michael Massee really helps set that scene…he is always creepy).

Unfortunately, about twenty minutes in the plot holes start to add up and are never quite filled. It’s like they were trying to do too many things in one film, and didn’t excel at any of them.

The background music was a bit much, about a third of the actors were laughably bad, and there were at least three times I incorrectly thought the movie was over (and wished it were). There are a few good jump scares (those get me every time), and the creepy factor returns for the last ten minutes or so of the film, but it doesn’t otherwise stand out in any way.

The movie shifts focus about halfway through, and Naya Rivera does a great job as Vera. Her conversation with the dead girl’s friend was one of the creepier scenes of the film and included my favorite line, “He wants to be all of someone.”

I’m not sure it was ever made clear why the Devil sometimes could and sometimes couldn’t use someone as a “vessel”, but the rules seem to change throughout. It gets a bit hectic towards the end, and without spoiling too much, I think they should have ended it at the scene with the ultrasound monitor.

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