Blind Malice (2014)


I really wanted this movie to be good. The concept sounded really interesting, and like there were many possible directions to take it. And it’s not like it’s that bad, but it felt really disappointing. Like they had this cool concept that they didn’t really do anything with. Instead, they decide to go in another arbitrary direction instead.

Like I said, it’s not all bad. There are some things this movie does really well. The opening scenes, for example. And I may have mentioned before how much I love a good understated opening credits sequence. And the music is surprisingly well done. I don’t even mind the sad blue filter the whole thing appears to have been filmed with.

(Some spoilers ahead)┬áBut I did want to punch Karen in the face within the first fifteen minutes of the movie. Perhaps that’s a compliment for Angelina┬áPrendergast’s acting abilities. She was a believably annoying teenager. One who kept making the stupidest decisions, one after another after another. I hate to say anyone is ever “asking for it” but in this case, if the shoe fits…

And the twist (if you can call it that) was weird. I’m all for an unreliable narrator, but to find out suddenly that perhaps she’s not entirely sane and oh right, sometimes hallucinates things or takes too many pills or whatever was going on there…? The whole thing just didn’t seem to make sense to me. Like there was this added dimension that just confused an otherwise interesting narrative. I don’t know.

Overall, this may or may not be worth watching, but definitely avoid if you’re sensitive to stories of sexual abuse.

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