Child's Play (1988)★★★★☆


I know this is one of those iconic ’80s horror movies, but I’m admitting to you all right now that tonight was the first time I’d ever seen it.

Sure, I knew most of what it was about but I don’t think I’d ever realized that Catherine Hicks (whom I know from 7th Heaven which I totally never ever watched) and Chris Sarandon were in it. In fact, I may have been confusing Child’s Play with Problem Child because I kept expecting John Ritter to pop up on screen (he never did).

This isn’t the scariest movie or the best movie, but Tom Holland definitely figured himself out by this one. It’s clever, it’s creepy, and except for the kid (understandable I suppose) the cast was pretty great.

What is Tom Holland’s thing for Chris Sarandon, though? I’ve seen more of him the past couple months than my entire life before (well, almost).