Contracted: Phase II (2015)★★★★☆


The good news is, I was right! Contracted makes so much more sense after watching Phase II. I thought this one was a better film overall. In fact, you could probably cut the first movie down to 20 minutes, add it to the beginning of the second, and have a great movie that isn’t too long.

This one didn’t feel slow like the first one at all. In fact, I had to rewind a few times towards the last few minutes because I had to double check to see if it had suddenly turned into an action movie (it had). Similar to the first one, the acting was good in this – except for BJ.

(Spoilers ahead) Now… I want to talk a little more about the plot. Watching both films around the same time definitely answered some major questions that had been bugging me the first time I saw the original, but also generated a whole bunch of other questions.

The first one was much less a horror movie and more a social commentary on relationships and cheating. Sort of? But it’s also a social commentary on substance abuse, stalking, and safe sex? It’s basically about an STD that turns you into a zombie. Then this one comes along, and explains a little more about the disease…by introducing some weird religious backstory and making the creeper from the first one wayyyyyy more of a creeper.

And like…the scenes at the end? Is there going to be a sequel or what? I don’t know if I can wait another two years to find out. Also, why did it spread so much more quickly (and with so much less effort) than in the first one? The timeline there seems off. And what’s with the opening scene in the first one? I don’t think that’s been explained yet.

Anyway, this one was good, but you should probably watch both of them to really understand the whole story. Just don’t watch them two years apart.