Cujo (1983)★★★☆☆


I think I like Stephen King best when he’s really imaginative. The Regulators and Desperation are two of my favorite King novels, and there is some seriously fantastical stuff in them.

So it makes sense that I’ve never read Cujo. I do find it interesting that I like horror movies best when they’re more grounded in reality, but horror fiction best when it’s not.

Anyway, this wasn’t a bad movie. It started out a bit slow but picked up pace towards the middle. Once the action really got started it was pretty suspenseful and a bit scary.

I thought the acting was really great in this. Dee Wallace was completely believable as Donna. I was almost as scared for her son as she was at some points. The terror here builds mostly when Donna and Tad are in the car together, and Cujo himself has less screen time.

I also liked that they didn’t need fancy special effects for this one. The music was a bit much from time to time and was a bit distracting, but otherwise this was an okay movie. Probably not one to watch if you’re a dog lover, though.