Desperation (2006)★★★★☆


This is another made-for-TV adaptation of a Stephen King novel. One of my favorite Stephen King novels, in fact! It’s second only to The Regulators, which takes place in the same universe, sort of.

Anyway, I like this adaptation. I can’t think of anyone better suited to play Collie Entragian than Ron Perlman, and the kid who plays David Carver does a spectacular job as well. The special effects are used mostly sparingly and mostly convincingly and the music is spot on for most scenes.

There are things cut from the movie that were important in the film, but that’s to be somewhat expected of something based on one of King’s longer works. And to be fair, they did release this as a three-hour television event, so they tried to cram as much detail as they could into the format.

It mostly works, and overall this is a pretty good adaptation. It’s not ideal for watching in one run without commercial breaks, though, so keep your remote close (or your bladder empty) if you watch this one.