Emelie (2016)★★★★☆


I realized the other day (probably when I was watching that really awful movie) that it takes a lot more energy for me to sit through and then write about a bad movie than it does for me to sit through and then write about a good movie. So I’ve decided, at least as far as I can help it, and at least on weekdays, to only watch movies that I’m reasonably certain won’t suck or that I’ve seen before and know don’t suck.

I’d never seen this one before (it looks like it was just released last month, so that makes sense), but the poster looked interesting (there’s no saying about not judging a movie by its poster, is there?). Particularly because it featured Sarah Bolger, who’s been in a few scary movies I really liked. I was pretty sure by the opening sequence (and beautifully understated title screen) that I’d made the right decision, and definitely sure when the dramatic irony became clear in the father’s car.

This movie starts in the middle of the action and builds suspense from there. After the dramatic irony of the opening sequence (coupled with a complete lack of background information on the situation), I was left knowing that something was wrong but not having enough information to really understand how wrong or at least how far things would go. It was an interesting position to be in that I think only enhanced the scare factor. I found myself at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next through most of it.

The music is also really well done, and does wonders to enhance the (already creepy) mood. While this movie isn’t full of blood and gore, there are some pretty disturbing parts. I think the fact that all three of the children were fantastic made those parts seem even more disturbing. Anyway, I liked this one a lot. I’m kind of thinking of watching it through a second time before my rental expires.