Final Destination (2000)★★★★☆


I don’t have much to say about this one but it definitely takes me back. I remember when this came out! I don’t think I saw it in theaters, but I know I liked it because I had a huge crush on Devon Sawa (I mean, so did most of the other girls in school at the time).

Anyway, it’s well paced, interesting, and well acted (y’know, for a bunch of post-teenagers trying to play high schoolers). It was really scary the first time I saw it (I mean, Tony Todd is in it!) but less so the second, third, or fifteenth time. I’d still recommend it pretty broadly if you’re into scary movies – it holds up pretty well 16 years later!

I’m going to spend the next four days seeing if the rest of the franchise holds up as well as this one. I know at least one has Mary Elizabeth Winstead in it!