Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)★★★★☆


I kind of figured this one was going to be pretty ridiculous when I watched the trailer, and I was definitely right. But I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be ridiculous.

I mean, come on…the over-the-top special effects, the completely ridiculous plot, that hilarious scene where they can’t send an email but they can “search, like literally for anything,” that even more hilarious fight scene soon after…it’s quite honestly a ridiculous masterpiece.

And it has Billy Zane! The prettiest man I ever saw. And of course Matt Dallas (I can’t help but think only of Kyle XY whenever I see him) and Lacey Chabert (who, of course, makes me think only of “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”) and Danielle Harris (who makes me think only of that silly Wish Upon a Star movie). So the cast is interesting, if nothing else.

Some of the more ridiculous (and ridiculously awesome) bits were the running Lauren/Laurel gag, the blood pouring down the monitor, and “someone’s gonna have to clean up this mess, Ben.” Oh, and of course the insane climactic scene in the studio.

You know what, though? It turns out I don’t mind over-the-top ridiculousness if it’s deliberate and done well. This isn’t the best ridiculous horror movie I’ve ever seen, but it was cute (in that scary, disturbing way) and entertaining throughout.