Hidden (2015)★★★★☆


This is a really interesting movie. It starts out strong and follows through until the ending. The acting is believable, the scenery incredibly creepy, and the suspense almost palpable.

I’m not entirely sure how to categorize this one. It’s about family, sure, and survival. It’s about doing what needs to be done to protect the ones you love. And it’s about zombies. Sort of.

I was really impressed with the actress playing Zoe. I looked her up (Emily Alyn Lind), and it turns out she’s been in a couple of other things I liked. She’s a central character to the plot of this movie, and I think the whole thing would have fallen apart if they didn’t find the right actress. But she really delivers. Alexander Skarsgard and Andrea Riseborough were also great as Ray and Claire, Zoe’s parents.

The music was subtle enough that I don’t recall much about it, which is a good thing for a movie like this. The tension build up was still intense, and the climactic scene a pretty great release. The movie was paced pretty well and didn’t drag on at any point.

I find myself a little uncertain about the ending, though. I had sort of guessed at the twist, at least to some degree, pretty early on, but I still appreciated the reveal. The final sequence was cute but felt a little out of place for the rest of the film. Maybe it was too depressing without that last bit of hope?

Anyway, I liked this one. It’s suspenseful and creepy, but not terrifying, and it’ll keep you entertained from start to finish.