Hush (2016)

I’m a little less tired today (mostly because I did nothing all day), but I still wanted to watch something good. It’s rare that I see a scary movie on Netflix rated anything above 3 stars, but this one had 4 so I figured I’d give it a try.

Would it be too cliche of me to say that it starts less with a bang than with a whimper? This is my 100th review, so I figure I’m allowed to be a little cliched. Anyway, I can see why it was well rated.

The acting is great, for one thing. With so few lines, the emotion and tension really had to be believable for this movie to work, and it definitely worked. This was well paced, and kept me at the edge of my seat to the last minute.

I liked that it wasn’t clear how things were going to end until the very end. It was really well done, and definitely scary. The background music helped emphasize the mood, and I particularly liked the music playing over the closing credits.

There’s nothing supernatural here, and little character development, but it still scared the crap out of me. Somehow this movie manages to be terrifying without being overly graphic or violent. I really enjoyed it, and I hope it’s a sign that more good scary movies will come out of 2016.

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