Jack Goes Home (2016)★★★★☆


This was weird, dark, and disturbing, and entirely about family, love, and loss, so of course I liked it. I’m continually impressed with Rory Culkin’s performances, especially after tonight. He didn’t just play Jack here – he was the titular character.

Lin Shaye, Natasha Lyonne, and Daveigh Chase, no strangers to horror themselves, round out the supporting cast. Even Britt Robertson, whose perky smile doesn’t normally fit in scary movies, was great as Jack’s fiancée.

The movie is hard to follow at times, though that feels intentional, like you’re along for the trip Jack’s taking himself on. The twist is revealed well and brings some closure to the whole thing, but there are still many unanswered questions.

Overall, I went into this without knowing what to expect, and that’s exactly what I got. There are some disturbing parts here but it should have pretty broad appeal to horror fans. Aside from a few moments of questionable dialogue, Jack Goes Home is a well written, creepy film that will haunt you for days.