June (2015)★★★★☆


Much like last month’s, this month’s inaugural movie is related to the month in name only. And, also much like last month’s, I rather liked this movie.

Possibly it’s because I hadn’t seen Victoria Pratt in anything since the TV show Day Break was cancelled. Possibly it’s because I have a secret thing for Casper Van Dien. Or possibly it’s because I really like Eddie Jemison, though I had no idea what his name was until just now.

I know it’s definitely not because of the plot. It’s interesting enough, but there are too many plot holes and inconsistencies for it to make much sense. Also, there are some parts that I think are meant to come as a surprise to the viewer but don’t because a lot of not-so-subtle hints are dropped about those parts before they happen.

Possibly it’s because the characters are so compelling. June (and Aer) are really interesting, and I was really impressed with Kennedy Brice in the role. Dave and Lily are a believable couple who’ve been through some rough times and are trying to build a family. It’s easy to get invested in June and her new family.

The pacing is good throughout this film. It never drags on and the action is spaced out well throughout. The climactic scene is definitely climactic and there’s a decent payoff to all the tension built up in the beginning of the movie. It’s not the best storytelling I’ve seen, but it has its creepy moments and overall it was a fun watch.