Leprechaun (1993)★★☆☆☆


Yes, this is the obvious choice for St. Patrick’s Day, but it works so well! And it’s fitting that St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Thursday this year.

I’d never actually seen this one all the way through, though I caught bits and pieces of it on network television growing up, along with its sequels. Can we all agree this was one of Warwick Davis’s more ridiculous roles? Actually, ridiculous seems an apt word for the whole movie.

I guess I didn’t expect much from this movie, but it was so boring. The acting was fine – Jennifer Aniston at her finest. And the music was actually pretty well done. But the movie wasn’t scary, it wasn’t funny, and it wasn’t all that entertaining to watch. There were some cute one-liners, but they clearly weren’t that great because I can’t remember a single one right now.

I can see why it has some cult appeal, though. It’s campy and it has Jennifer Aniston and Warwick Davis in it. And the story is reasonably original. I just couldn’t get into it. Though I did love the denim jacket Jennifer Aniston was sporting when the leprechaun materialized in the yard. And I’ll always remember the scene from (I think) Leprechaun 3, when the leprechaun runs his truck into a tree and says “fucketh me!” But that’s probably the only thing I’ll ever remember about these movies, and I’m okay with that.