May (2002)

It’s the first of May, so of course I had to watch this one. In fact, I waited until today to ever watch this one at all. I’ve known about it for years, and I like Angela Bettis, but somehow I never got around to this one until now. It’s pretty good!

I didn’t realize Jeremy Sisto and Anna Faris were in this one as well! So that was a pleasant surprise. I was surprised at how much I liked Anna Faris as Polly. The whole cast worked really well together, in fact. I was definitely hooked early on.

Did I mention I like Angela Bettis? Because she was awesome as May. It’s hard for me to tell her acting range at times, but this movie either convinces me or gives me the creeps. Maybe a little of both?

It turns out the director is Lucky McKee, the director I know from All Cheerleaders Die, which makes sense since I like both of them, probably because they’re both more than a little bizarre. It also makes me want to watch The Woods again soon, which I remember liking but haven’t seen in years (and which Lucky McKee also directed).

Anyway, this film gets darker and scarier as it goes on, and though it moves a bit slowly at times it never drags on. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like horror movies, but otherwise, watch on!

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