Mine Games (2012)★★★☆☆


This movie was okay. It was definitely watchable, and the pacing was fine. The concept was okay. The cast was pretty good, though I didn’t recognize anyone.

But, like…everyone is just so dumb in this movie. Seriously, they keep making the stupidest decisions the entire movie.

The reveal was done well enough, but it wasn’t very surprising and they (spoiler alert) spent far more time on the paranoid schizophrenia than the time loop.

But I want to give this movie some credit. The music is really well done. There were silences that other movies might have filled with ominous music, but I appreciated that this one didn’t. Even during the climactic points, the music is subtle and beautifully done.

The ending is okay. I guess I liked that nothing in this movie is too over the top or ridiculous, except perhaps some of the decisions the members of the group were making. Anyway, this is watchable, but not great.