Most Likely to Die (2016)

This is a silly movie. I get the sense it’s meant to be silly on purpose (I mean, Perez Hilton is in it, after all…and, um, it’s called “Most Likely to Die”), which mostly works here.

Don’t mistake this for biting satire, though. This is more slapstick comedy than intellectual parody and definitely more blood and guts than psychological horror. That said, the high school reunion scenario may take you on your own trip down memory lane…and I can’t be held accountable for whatever psychological horrors you may have there.

There’s little to no character development at all (except for Ashley – the first few minutes of the movie make it very clear you’re not supposed to like her) so I wasn’t really rooting for anyone in the end. And the reveal of who was behind everything wasn’t all that surprising or interesting – honestly, it could have been any member of the group and it would have made as much sense (and mattered just as little to me).

The dialogue is mostly fine, although the early scene where they’re gathered (literally at a round table) and discussing, in excruciating expository detail, all the context the viewer might need to know about these friends is more than a bit contrived.

There’s nothing really scary here and nothing more special than your standard teen slasher film – though I suppose this is a group of twenty-somethings rather than teenagers. It’s not a bad movie, but you’ll probably enjoy it more if you’re distracted by something else while watching.

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