Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)★★★☆☆


This was the first real letdown of the bunch for me. It did have some neat effects – particularly the Kinect tracking dots – but just felt slow and like more of the same.

(Maybe spoilers?) Yet again we somehow get more context but more unanswered questions. Toby is a demon? What kind of demon is named Toby? Toby isn’t a scary name.

Also, this was the first film where the unseen spirit/demon/whatever actually kills someone, I believe. So it seems inconsistent what the spirit can or can’t do, and I don’t really understand anything about the coven or the symbol. Am I supposed to at this point?

I also don’t really understand the Wyatt/Hunter bit but whatever. This one uses a few cheap jump scares and more of the same stuff from the first three. It’s watchable and has some creepy moments, but isn’t anything special.