Patrick (2014)

I finally feel mostly caught up on sleep, but I don’t have much to say about tonight’s movie. I definitely liked it, though.

It had Sharni Vinson and Charles Dance! Both of whom were awesome (Charles Dance a bit more chilling in this role than the last roleĀ I saw him in, Sharni Vinson not quite as awesome in this role than the last role I saw her in).

The story is an interesting one, the setting a wonderfully creepy one (have I mentioned I like old abandoned buildings?), and the accents adorably Australian ones (well, except for Charles Dance and Rachel Griffiths, but that’s probably for the best).

The ending gets a bit…much, but this is a pretty entertaining movie overall. There are definitely some disturbing parts (particularly if you have a problem with needles), but it’s more creepy than gruesome for most of it.

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