Pay the Ghost (2015)★★★☆☆


This was a movie with a reasonably interesting premise that just missed its mark.

I’m always in the mood for a good Nicolas Cage movie. Unfortunately, Pay the Ghost was not that movie.

It was weirdly paced, so that the second half seemed hectic and rushed after the dragging first half. The background music wasn’t too over the top, and the special effects were mostly well done. The acting was decent (I loved the Stephen McHattie cameo), and even the children were believable.

The one thing I did get from watching this was a desire to read the novel on which it’s based. So the story was reasonably interesting, but the adaptation as a whole didn’t quite do it for me.

While I’m not lamenting the time I spent watching this, I can’t think of a good instance in which this would be a movie I’d suggest. Perhaps if you’ve exhausted any other options on a long plane ride?