Prowl (2011)

(Spoilers ahead because it’s kind of hard to talk about this one without them) I’d seen this movie before, so I should have remembered how thematically similar it is to last night’s movie. It’s…not quite as good, though.

The characters are forgettable (though the acting is fine), the pacing slow, and the horror not all that horrifying. There are some decent action sequences and some creepy moments, but it never quite captivates the viewer.

It doesn’t help that much of the film takes place in a dark abandoned slaughterhouse — a creepy setting in theory┬áthat lacks enough lighting to ever really show itself off.

I’ll give it one thing, though. The writers did a decent job at dropping hints along the way so that the reveal makes sense and and doesn’t feel like it comes out of nowhere. Sadly, I just didn’t care about any of the characters so even the well handled reveal wasn’t all that interesting.

I guess the only real question still I have is…did she get that apartment?

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