Saw III (2006)

Okay, now here’s an addition to the franchise I can get behind. This movie was engaging and entertaining and unlike the previous film actually got me excited about watching the next one.

I think perhaps my favorite part of this one (or at least the most well done part) is how, just when you start thinking that they’ve strayed far from the intent and rationale behind the first movie, the twist is revealed and the original meaning restored. It’s epic and quite satisfying.

This movie had the same director as the second one, so I’m glad he learned from his first try and mostly fixed the problems I had with that one in this. The twists were more intriguing, the pacing more fluid, and the characters more compelling.

I even liked the cliffhanger at the end — if only because it means I get to see Jack Jones from Degrassi: The Next Generation¬†as a little girl again!

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