Scream (1996)

I’m so glad this movie turned twenty years old this year, albeit almost at the end.

This is definitely one of those moment-defining movies. It’s Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson, of course.

It’s an homage to horror movies and a parody of horror movies. It’s spawned sequels and parodies and so so many pop culture references.

I must have watched this on VHS a hundred times. Always with the lights off. Somehow the landline would ring at exactly the right moment to make me jump ten feet in the air.

It’s the landlines, by the way, that really date this movie. I mean, they didn’t even have caller ID!

Anyway, this is a fun movie. If you haven’t already seen it by now, you’re either too young or not a horror fan. I’d recommend it pretty broadly.

Oh, I will admit something, though… I never found Skeet Ulrich all that attractive. Or Matt Lillard.

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