Sinister 2 (2015)★★★★☆


I liked this one a bit better than the first one. While the events from the first film inform this one, they both tell their own stories and either could stand alone. (Spoilers ahead)

This one is weirder and more disturbing and the characters are way more compelling. As in, I actually cared about what happened to most of them. I love Ethan Hawke but his character in the first movie was kind of a jerk. In this one, there are few jerks and they mostly get what’s coming to them.

I thought the performances were great in this one. The family had believable chemistry, as did Shannyn Sossamon (as the mom) and Ex-Deputy So-and-So (played by James Ransone) – yes, that’s how he’s listed in the credits. I was particularly impressed by the twins, however. They were both pretty good but the one playing Dylan was fantastic.

I like that the mythology of the first movie is further explored here. Bughuul is a pretty creepy demon on his own and his methodology makes him terrifying. The most disturbing parts of this movie were the home movies of previous murders. There were definitely a few I had to look away from.

Overall I liked this one. It’s about as slow as the first but it doesn’t feel like it drags on. There are a few good jump scares (and a few cheap ones) and a reasonably satisfying payoff to all the built-up tension. And plenty of room for another sequel which I would happily watch.