Something Wicked (2014)★★★☆☆


I really liked this movie. If it weren’t for the confusing number of characters and sometimes hard-to-follow storyline, I’d probably have rated it higher.

And let’s be honest…Brittany Murphy as a psychiatrist was a bit of a stretch (and what was with the terrible hairstyle?), though her temper tantrums were definitely believable. I have seen Brittany Murphy in things where she’s absolutely charming but she seemed a bit absent in this one, and I’m not sure it was in anyone’s best interest to release this one posthumously.

Otherwise, the acting was believable and the characters reasonably sympathetic, though Julian Morris is much better when he’s not trying to hide his adorably British accent. The background music was understated and well used, and there were some creepy parts to this.

But somewhere along the way, I had the sense that I didn’t know who some of the characters were… and they were suddenly important. There were a lot of posed questions that sort of got answered along the way, but it felt a bit forced and unrealistic. The last few scenes are a prime example of this issue – particularly with the completely unnecessary text overlay. I’m not entirely sure what they were trying to evoke, but it was distractingly confusing and marred an otherwise great movie.