Spring (2015)

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Spring (2015)

Yes, another thematically appropriate movie. This one was better than yesterday’s, though. I watched this about a year ago and was surprised at how much I liked it. I think it was because it was a completely different feel than I expected.

I’ve seen Lou Taylor Pucci in a few things before, but he really impressed me in this one. He was so believable and the character development was so well done. And the chemistry between Evan and Louise is incredible. Definitely the right cast for this.

This is another movie in the horror genre, but not really horrifying. There are no cheap jump scares here, and it’s almost more of a…science fiction romance movie than a horror movie. But make no mistake, this isn’t Twilight.

This movie is about family, about love, and about loss. It’s about connection and humanity. And yes, it’s about monsters, but maybe it’s also about how we’re all monsters in our own way. Or we’re all human in our own way.

The story and the suspense take some time to build, but the film doesn’t drag on and the exposition is really well done. Besides, the romance is so believable and so adorable that it’s easy to forgive that it takes a while for things to get scary.

Anyway, I really liked this movie. It was interesting, charming, tender, and witty. It’s not a perfect horror movie, but it’s become one of my favorite movies overall.

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  • Release Date: 3/20/2015
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