Static (2012)★★★★★


I was about to ask myself (or rather, ask you) where I find these movies, but this one I got straight from Milo Ventimiglia’s IMDb page, so I suppose I already know the answer.

To perhaps no one’s shock or amazement, this movie was about family, love, and loss – and I liked it quite a bit.

It starts off a bit slow and dreamlike but doesn’t drag on once it gets started. The acting is amazing – Sarah Shahi can seriously act. I believed every minute of her as the grieving mother Addie. Milo Ventimiglia and Sara Paxton were also really great.

The music is subtle and works well to intensify the mood throughout the film. Oh, and this is definitely another instance of a twist done right. Without spoiling too much, I want to mention that you should check out the use of color before and after the reveal.

I have a lot of thoughts swimming around in my head about this one but can’t quite form them into coherent sentences yet, so I’ll leave this at that for now. This movie is really beautifully done and isn’t too gruesome or violent. I’d definitely recommend it to pretty much everyone.