Submerged (2015)

So I can sort of see why this one only had one star on Netflix. It wasn’t a great movie. It was barely even a good movie. But it kept me entertained throughout, so I gave it a (very generous) three out of five.

The acting was mostly okay, though there were some weirdly melodramatic scenes during which the actors all overacted as befitted the scene. The music was similarly bland throughout most of the film, with a few notably overdramatic exceptions. The plot sort of makes sense and gets increasingly more convoluted as the movie goes on, but it’s interesting enough.

I think what most people won’t like about this movie is that it’s not quite sure what it wants to be. It never leaves you in the car long enough to really be scared, and the character development is spotty and incoherent at best. So it ends up just being this vaguely creepy movie until what I assume is supposed to be the climactic part (based on the background music anyway).

I suppose most people aren’t wrong about the movie per se. But you know what? This movie has Tim Daly. And pretty much any movie with Tim Daly gets a pass in my book. Including this one.

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