The Craft (1996)★★★★★


Okay, let me preface everything else I might say here with the fact that I am absolutely biased when it comes to this movie. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I realized I could use it for a Throwback Thursday review this year.

I can’t believe this movie was released twenty years (and two days) ago. I mean, I guess I can believe it. Middle school does feel like twenty years ago (yes, I’ve just dated myself). This movie was a sleepover staple for me and my three friends. We argued over who was whom in the group, because of course we all wanted to be Sarah (no, Sara, you don’t get to be her just because you have the same name).

We thought the four girls in this movie were the coolest girls ever and did whatever we could to try to be them. Except we were only in middle school and didn’t yet have the same freedom and access they enjoyed. But we could dream, and beg our parents to buy clothes that made us look just a little more like the girls from this movie. And sometimes they would.

And though this movie may be a bit dated now, it’s still awesome. I love the soundtrack, and I almost forgot just how many familiar faces are in the film. Like, I forgot that Brenda Strong was in it! And Breckin Meyer!

But I still remembered the punchlines to all of the jokes and the resolutions to all of the climactic scenes, so watching this was a nice trip down memory lane. It’s not that scary or gory but there’s definitely lots of sex and swearing. All in all, I still love this movie.