The Damned (2014)★★★★☆


It must be a long week. And it’s only Tuesday. I’ve got another early morning tomorrow and haven’t been sleeping well. Maybe all the scary movies are catching up to me and keeping me up at night.

Anyhow, you know this has to be good if there are subtitles for a not insignificant portion of this movie and I still highly recommend it. Actually, all those years of Spanish I took in high school were helpful for this one. I mostly understood what was being said without reading the subtitles.

This movie is really well paced, really well acted, and pretty damn scary. The special effects are a little cheesy at times but the acting is earnest enough and the background music and setting compelling enough that they’re easy to forgive.

There are a few graphic scenes in this one but it’s not the most disturbing film I’ve watched. There’s a lot of stupid things being done here but they seem realistic enough given the circumstances. I could have done without the opening and closing monologues but the payoff at the end is pretty good. Overall I like this one quite a bit. It’s a nice little hidden gem on Netflix.