The Diabolical (2015)★★★☆☆


Well, this one started out awesome but didn’t quite finish strong. I was so excited by the opening sequence, but it’s all sort of downhill after that.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Ali Larter and all, but this movie was too weird for me to really get into. The pacing was all off, so it dragged on at times and was too busy to make sense of at others.

There was a lot of characterization but not a lot of character development, if that makes sense, so I didn’t really feel sympathetic towards anyone. The acting was fine, but the chemistry was off.

The twist near the end, while somewhat clever, wasn’t built up enough to make the reveal climactic enough. I felt like they tried to build it up with hints here and there, but they didn’t quite land as expected so the punch wasn’t there. And the ending itself was a little cheesy.

I also felt like they were trying to do some things that one of the Paranormal Activity films has already tried (and done better)…I don’t know. Overall, I didn’t dislike this movie, but it wasn’t great.