The Forgotten (2004)★★★★★


I’m still not caught up on sleep, and now I’ve got a literal pain in the neck bothering me, so this likely won’t be as verbose as it could be. But I’ll start off by saying that I really love this movie.

I’ve seen it several times and every damn time it ends I’m crying. Sure, it’s not quite as terrifying or mysterious after the first watch – but if you’ve never seen this movie before, it’s very much terrifying and mysterious.

It’s also (surprise, surprise) a rather thoughtful film about family and loss. (Warning: spoilers ahead) And about aliens. And it’s awesome.

I love Julianne Moore, I love Gary Sinise, I love Anthony Edwards, and I love this movie. Oh, and all three of them are in this movie.

It’s so well paced and so well done and with only a PG-13 rating it doesn’t get too graphic or disturbing. And for all the mystery and terror in this film you actually get a happy ending. And you know what? Sometimes all you really want is a happy ending – even out of your scary movie.