The Gravedancers (2005)

I watched this movie because until I watched Tales of Halloween I’d never seen anything by Mike Mendez, and since I liked Tales so much I figured I’d have to like his other works at least a little (right?). Luckily I wasn’t wrong!

This movie is a bit silly and a lot ridiculous, and it was pretty entertaining. There’s some weird camera focusing and weird camera angles and the occasional shaky cam view but for the most part this is well made and well acted.

It’s just got a silly story. I mean, who thought reading a poem aloud while dancing on someone’s grave was a good idea in the first place? How drunk do you have to be to do that? I particularly liked when they blamed Allison (played by Clare Kramer) for not having been there to stop them from doing it.

(Some spoilers ahead) And then the graves they danced on happened to be in the “undesirables” part of the cemetery? What are the chances of that? And since when are ghost hauntings tied to lunar cycles?

And also, FRANCES CULPEPPER YOU HAVE AN AWESOME NAME AND AWESOME GLASSES BUT YOU ARE KIND OF A TERRIBLE PERSON. I liked Frances Culpepper so much until her revelation. Also, you should never be the one to say “I think [the antagonist] is gone.” That can only end poorly for you.

Anyway this was a fun entertaining ride that kind of reminded me of The Frighteners…but much more entertaining.

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