The Hallow (2015)★★★☆☆


Take my rating today with a grain of salt – I think this movie was actually pretty good, I just wasn’t really in the right mood to be impressed by it.

It’s got a good story, a good cast, and good background music. The opening credits aren’t too long or ostentatious and the evil creature is pretty damn scary.

So on paper, there’s nothing wrong with this movie. In fact, on film there’s not much wrong with it either. It’s paced pretty well throughout, and there weren’t any parts I felt dragged on.

Maybe my problem with it was that there wasn’t much character development? I didn’t feel any attachment to either Adam or Clare, and while the baby was pretty cute I definitely didn’t feel any attachment there either. I think it would have landed better if the characters were more sympathetic or I at least knew more about them before the scary stuff started.

But the acting was awesome. I might not have cared much about any of the characters, but I have to admit that the acting was really, really good. That scene when Adam is in the bathroom after his eye got hurt? Amazing.

And the sound of that sludge dripping…that will definitely haunt me for at least a few weeks. Maybe I’ll try watching this when I’m in a better mood and seeing how I feel about it then. I think I’d still recommend it for anyone looking for a good creature feature scare.