The Hole (2001)★★★★☆


Ah, Desmond Harrington. I like him. This certainly doesn’t depict his best side (well, not for most of the film anyway), but he’s good in it just the same. Add in Thora Birch with a weird British accent and Keira Knightley to round out a beautiful cast (oh wait, and Embeth Davidtz!) and, well, you’ve got yourself The Hole.

(Warning: spoilers ahead) It’s hard to talk about why I like this movie without spoiling it, so I’ll be brief. I like the concept of an unreliable narrator – particularly if you aren’t ever quite sure just how unreliable that narrator is.

Movies with disjointed timelines aren’t always great – it often feels disorienting rather than revealing. Here it’s done right. And every reveal is even more intriguing than the last.

It’s well acted, well paced, and overall rather well written. It’s a bit disturbing at times and there are definitely some graphic scenes, but this is one thrill ride that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Don’t worry, though – the built up tension gets…some payoff, anyway.