The Purge: Election Year (2016)★★★☆☆


So I saw this one tonight and it was kind of a let down. Not a huge let down, but kind of a let down. It did have Frank Grillo again though, and he was pretty badass. So was Edwin Hodge, for that matter.

Actually, everyone in the cast was pretty good – and all of the characters were interesting in this one. At least for the most part.

But the story fell a bit flat. This was another movie about the Purge, which we saw in the last movie. I thought maybe they’d get more into the politics or the why or something, but instead they told the same story just so they could have a flashier Purge.

And flashier it was – literally. There’s literally a scene where a group of Purgers is riding around in a car decorated with Christmas lights. Cute but not all that meaningful.

Overall this was an okay movie that might have been more entertaining if it weren’t attached to this franchise. It’s a bit slow and not all that scary so it’s best as background noise.