The Ring (2002)★★★★☆


Since I didn’t watch anything last week, I figured I’d do a double feature this weekend. In honor of the new movie Rings that came out last week, I decided to watch this one…and its sequel. No, not the one that just came out. That other one from a few years after this.

Anyway, this movie was definitely a lot scarier when watching VHS tapes was a thing people did. It feels a bit antiquated now, 15 years later. That said, there were still plenty of scares this time around.

The whole film is creepy. It’s got a dark, blue-tinted vibe, and the subdued acting that fits that blue just right. Everyone’s very earnest in their delivery, and no one is a terrible actor, but no one really shines in this film. Okay, except maybe Brian Cox.

Overall I’m a little disappointed this movie hasn’t held up so well over the years. I’m not sure I’d make any strong recommendations about this one to anyone who hasn’t already seen it. It does make me nostalgic about my high school years, though.