The Woods (2006)★★★★☆


I mentioned in my post about May that I realized Lucky McKee was the director for this movie as well and that I was thinking of watching it again soon, so here it is. I vaguely remember watching this movie years ago, but there were a lot of details about the movie I didn’t remember.

Like Bruce Campbell! He doesn’t play a small part either, so I’m surprised I didn’t remember until the opening credits. He was pretty good in this movie, though he didn’t get much of a chance to show off. I did remember Patricia Clarkson and Agnes Bruckner, who were also great as Mrs. Traverse and Heather, respectively. Rachel Nichols was another familiar face, and she did just fine as Samantha.

Another thing I didn’t remember was all the similarities to The Evil Dead. I’m sure that having Bruce Campbell in it influenced me here somewhat, but maybe that’s why they had Bruce Campbell in it to begin with. I’d be surprised if The Evil Dead wasn’t the inspiration for this film.

But this film goes the scary route rather than the funny route, and does it pretty well. The evil forest was probably the scariest part of The Evil Dead, and that’s what this movie centers around (hence the title). So it ends up being creepy at the slower points, nearly terrifying (hence the 4 instead of 5 out of 5 rating) at the climactic points, and overall a pretty interesting movie. It’s not that disturbing, but I’d probably stay away from it if you’re not a fan of horror.