Vacancy (2007)★★★☆☆


I liked this movie, but it annoyed me too much to rate it any higher than 3 out of 5. For one thing, the opening credits are way over the top. Before anything even happens, you’re listening to this crazy upbeat action movie type of song and the credits are rolling across the screen in giant colorful blocks. It’s weird, and way longer than it needs to be.

The story is somewhat original, but the characters are so boring. I never quite care about the characters enough to be invested in their survival, which makes it hard for me to really like this movie. Overall it’s kind of like a less entertaining version of The Strangers.

I totally didn’t buy Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson as a couple, though I suppose that was partly the point. I guess I could believe that they were a couple on the verge of divorce. But the acting in general was good in this film. I was happy to see Ethan Embry, if only for a short while.

The music was fine and the pacing is pretty good in this film. It also stays away from anything overly gory or gruesome, though it is still a bit disturbing. This is above average as a film, but just barely.