V/H/S: Viral (2014)★★★★☆


Well, this is definitely the most surreal of the three V/H/S films. Which seems fitting right now.

I like this one the best, though. Hard to say why – could be any number of things. (Some spoilers ahead)

Maybe it’s because I actually like horror movies in Spanish (I don’t usually need subtitles! At least not for everything)? Maybe it’s because there’s a story about an alternate universe with weird sex aliens? Maybe it’s because the great Dante is a hilariously awesome character.

Or maybe it was because it started out with the cheesiest/worst rom-com dialogue and ended with the best closing credits music I’ve heard in a while. In fact, this movie might be worth it just for the closing music and visualizations.

But it’s got other good parts, too. It’s the weirdest and the most violent of the three films (well, at least the most…ritualistically violent?), and I’m pretty sure Adam Wingard plays like six different characters in it. And I like it a lot.