Viral (2016)★★★★☆


So, I have a lot of thoughts about this movie but very few of them are cohesive enough to write out. I’ll start with this: I liked it. I liked it quite a bit. It was reasonably well acted and there were moments when it was downright terrifying.

So I liked it. But it definitely wasn’t perfect. I say it was well acted, which is true, but I didn’t buy the roles for the two sisters – having only seen Sofia Black-D’Elia (Emma) as Sage in Gossip Girl and Analeigh Tipton (Stacey) as the girl next door in Crazy, Stupid, Love I just couldn’t get behind that casting decision. I would have switched the girls’ roles if this were my movie.

And it definitely felt like it was doing too much at times. Okay, yes, I liked the return to the bot fly story (though seriously, bot flies are creepy little buggers…pun intended) but I felt like there was so much build up around parasites in general and then one bit of payoff that seems to sort of…get cancelled out a few minutes later?

I don’t know. It gets weirdly bleak for about ten minutes and then ends on a slightly more hopeful note. It’s weird. I feel weird after watching it. You probably will, too. But I liked it (so you probably will, too?).