ABCs of Death 2 (2014)★★★★☆


Tonight’s anthology had fewer familiar names and faces than last night’s, but since Larry Fessenden was one of those names I didn’t complain too much. I’m happy to report that his segment was one of my favorites.

My absolute favorite segment from this one was for the letter K. I definitely didn’t guess the word beforehand, and the director and cast were unfamiliar to me, but that was my favorite by a good margin tonight.

Tonight’s segment for the letter Q was another good one, and I should bring up the segment for the letter S as an honorable mention as well. I rated each segment individually again, and while there were fewer threes this time around, there were also fewer fives…so overall I’d rate this collection at four out of five.

But if you enjoyed the first one, you’ll probably enjoy this one. I liked this transition screen better than the first, though it did feel like it disappeared a little too quickly. Oh, and the theme song for this is awesome and totally creepy on its own.