Don’t Breathe (2016)

Holy crap. This movie is terrifying. Don’t Breathe is the perfect name for it. I know I found myself holding my breath more than once during this one.

I waited for digital release so I could watch it in the dark at home, and I can’t even imagine how terrifying this one must have been to see in the theaters.

The last horror movie I saw in theaters actually had Jane Levy (Roxy in this) in it as well! It was the Evil Dead remake and was pretty scary, but nothing compared to this one.

It’s very well paced, although it does that thing I don’t like where it opens with a scene from later in the movie (and no context). I feel like it could have started with the scene that followed and it would have been just as scary.

Particularly when the lights go out. My cats made a noise while I was watching and I jumped so high I nearly hit my head on the ceiling fan. There’s not too much gore but there are certainly a few disturbing moments.

Oh, and once you think it can’t get any scarier, it totally does. So if you’re into that kind of thing, I’d definitely recommend this movie.

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