As Above, So Below (2014)★★★☆☆


This movie was pretty good, but not great. The acting was fine, and the setting was definitely creepy, but I just couldn’t get into it.

This may have been partly because I found the “found footage” aspect a bit dizzying and nauseating, and partly because there just wasn’t a good payoff at the end.

I also felt the movie was paced a bit weirdly. The opening sequence seemed to be solely for character development but I didn’t really get much except frustration out of it. That is to say, I was really hoping Scarlett would get what was coming to her but I was pretty sure that everyone around her was going to get what was coming to her. And I wasn’t wrong.

There were some spooky scenes, but I didn’t really feel like the storyline flowed. It just got a bit messy, much like the trip through the catacombs. There were a few jump scares and some definitely creepy moments, but because things were so disjointed and the view kept jumping between cameras, I felt more distracted than scared.

That said, it could have been worse. There wasn’t anything too over-the-top and as I mentioned before the acting was pretty good. This one would probably make good background noise.