Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010)★★★★☆


I liked this one. A lot. Like, a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever loved every film in a series so damn much. The first one in a class of its own for all sorts of reasons, but these second two because Edgar Frog is just a fantastic character, and Corey Feldman, well, is Edgar Frog. In fact, if you told me that vampires do exist and Corey Feldman actually slays vampires, I’d probably believe you. Or at least I’d really want to believe you.

I think I’m glad that it took 21 years for these sequels to come out. They seem to have been thought through pretty well. Corey Feldman has only become more Frog-like as he’s aged. And I don’t think I even saw the original until 10 years after its release (though in the years since then it’s made quite an impression on me).

I was a little uncertain when IMDb didn’t list “Horror” as one of the genres for this film. I mean, that’s accurate. There’s little that’s really scary about this film. It’s horror-adjacent and the sequel to two horror(-ish) films, so I feel okay reviewing it here, but it’s not scary. That said, and as you might be able to tell from my rating, I still think it’s an awesome movie.

I didn’t really notice the background music much in this one – except for the reuse of the “Cry Little Sister” cover from the previous film (not that I’m complaining). The acting was fine, though it’s possible I was distracted by a couple delightful accents and how adorable Zoe was. The Frog brothers were great, of course. And the nod to Sam Emerson was a sweet but sad one in light of Corey Haim’s death.

Anyway, this movie is really entertaining. It’s pretty well paced, and the payoff at the end is amazing. Strong words, I know, but watch for yourself and just try to disagree with them.