Blood Creek (2009)★★★☆☆


On the surface this has all the makings of a good movie. It’s a Joel Schumacher horror film starring Michael Fassbender (with Henry Cavill and Dominic Purcell thrown in as well).

Sadly it just didn’t grab me the way Schumacher’s other films have. It was about halfway in before I felt it even got interesting.

It definitely wasn’t Michael Fassbender’s fault, though. That man can be seriously creepy when he wants to be, and he definitely wanted to be in this one.

I actually have to chalk it up to a combination of poor direction (sorry, Joel Schumacher – you know I still love you, though) and poor group chemistry.

Henry Cavill and Dominic Purcell were both fine but I definitely didn’t believe the brotherly bond between them. Nor did I really believe the familial bond between the Wollners.

Anyway, this has a really intriguing story and a decent payoff so it’s not all bad. I guess I just expected better.