Flatliners (1990)

Maybe it’s that thing I have for Kiefer Sutherland (or Oliver Platt), but I’ve always liked this movie.

Perhaps it’s because Joel Schumacher seems to have a thing for Kiefer Sutherland as well? Regardless, Joel Schumacher does know how to entertain me.

Okay, the last scene and the end credits score are a bit cheesy, but it actually feels like a nice payoff to all the tension build up here.

The acting is great — aside from Platt and Sutherland there’s also Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, and Billy Baldwin to round out a rather spectacular cast. Everyone was believable and pretty impressive here.

There are a lot of intense moments here but nothing too graphic or gory, so I’d recommend this one pretty broadly. I hear they’re coming out with a remake next year so I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about that.

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