Cabin Fever (2003)

It’s my birthday, and I wasn’t quite sure which movie to watch to celebrate. I settled on this, which seemed fitting for a rainy weekend spent mostly at home. I think it was the right choice, as it’s always provided me a few laughs.

Cabin Fever was the first I’d ever heard of Eli Roth, and what a first impression it was. This has been one of my guilty pleasure movies since I first saw it. I mean, come on, Rider Strong is in it! And the “pancakes” kid! And that ridiculous call back with the rifle in the general store…so good.

But make no mistake — this is a ridiculous movie through and through. It’s over the top, sexually graphic and incredibly gory, and I love every minute of it.

(Probably some spoilers ahead) I love that the real enemy here is, well, everyone. Self-preservation is what motivates most characters to do what they do, and the bloodbath that ultimately results is unsurprising.

The background music is a bit much, the dialogue a bit weak, and the gratuitous ass shots gratuitous. But it’s a fun watch (if you’re into that sort of thing), and again: Rider Strong is in it.

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